Um… What happened?

So, it’s been a while. Yep…..



I have no excuses except laziness. Right? That’s what I’m supposed to tell myself and the world. No excuses! Write! You ARE a writer. WRITE!

Why is that easier said than done?

I’ll admit it–I’m out of practice. I don’t and haven’t written much in the last (mumble) years. (I’m actually not sure what number to put in the mumble.) I have wanted to write. But, admittedly, I’ve been a little scared. Am I a good writer? Do I write compelling stories? Will people read what I write? Will they come back for more?

I have wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. I stayed in from recess to finish stories. I wrote stories for fun in my playroom. I loved putting ideas together, spinning tales, creating new characters. I wrote a great story about a cat and mouse once. It was pretty much a Tom and Jerry episode with my own spin. I also wrote a fantastic adventure about some kids who found a ring that brought a witch into their lives. I wrote a tale about a kids trying to escape a distopia. I was published in the first Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine at UVU.

So, what happened?

Work? Maybe.

Life? Probably.

Am I disappointed? Yes.

I miss the creative me who wanted nothing more than to use her imagination every minute of every day. I miss the me who used to stare up at the stars and dream. She’s in here somewhere. I see her sometimes. She’s knocking on the door, begging to get in.

So, little by little, I’m going to try to overcome my fears. Somehow I have to. I miss me. I want me back. I’m going to open the crack a little bit. She can’t come in right away. She’ll get scared off. But little by little, I’ll welcome her in. And we’ll create a new me. The me I am now mixed with the creative me.

It’s going to be great! 🙂

Stay tuned because there’s more creative me to come right here on this blog.


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Writer. What more can be said. Actually, a lot. So, just read and find out.

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