Typical Comte, Ep. 1: Jeepers Creepers

So, I started a YouTube channel…

Scott and I actually filmed this months ago. I did some editing over a month ago. But, I’m a first-time video editor/producer/character/whatever and I’m learnding (know the reference?). Also, we have maybe three more videos that still need editing. So….

Now, what is Typical Comte about? It’s about whatever the jar says it’s about. Each episode, my loverly Chef Comte and I pick a word from our mysterious jar of words. We then see where the conversation leads. Every episode is different. The locations are usually different too. Sometimes we film in the car on long road trips. It’s fun.

Welcome to episode 1. In this very first episode, Chef Comte and I discuss “Jeepers Creepers.” Do you know the reference? Do you know where it comes from? I actually learned a lot while filming.

Check it out!

Thoughts? Comments? Pleas share. 🙂

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