Typical Comte, Ep. 2: Games

Again? Yep, Chef Comte and I are at it again.

This episode was actually filmed on our anniversary, back in February. I know, I am way behind. We even have a few others that were recorded some months ago, so… there are more coming. Woot!

This episode is brought to you by our blizzard car ride and the falling camera/phone, ’cause why would we do it any other way?

In episode 2 of Typical Comte, we talk about games—board games, video games, the dating game… We love games. Chef Comte LOVES video games. We’re gaming nerds.

Do you play games? Maybe on your phone, tablet, or computer, maybe with friends, neighbors, the guy you met in the parking lot yesterday. I don’t know…

You get the idea. I hope… 🙂

Enjoy the video!

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One thought on “Typical Comte, Ep. 2: Games

  1. I love games, we totally missed the opportunity to get together and play games when we were close. I’m a lousy friend. Hey if you come out to Missouri we can have a whole weekend of games:)

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