New Sara, New Blog

I’ve debated over the last, oh, I don’t even know how long it’s been, a month? Two months? Not sure, who cares… Now that that sentence is ruined… I have debated, with myself, because I’m really good at arguing with myself, about how to start this post, and this video (see below).

The last two months have been a crazy, amazing journey, and I’m thankful for every bit of it because it has brought me to now, when I get to work on me.

A little of the backstory is in the video, but here’s a few, more organized thoughts:

  • In July, I quit my job. Why? Horrible anxiety and the direction of a wonderful husband who cares about my sanity and mental health.
  • Before I quit my job, we were in the middle of big plans and big goals:
    • Chef Comte is doing more work with the military that will require him to travel for an extended period of time—so we’ve been getting ready for that.
    • We were working on adoption and were very close to finishing the home study process.
    • We had just started a business.
  • After I quit my job, we were forced to reevaluate our lives. Through much prayer and counseling with each other, we decided to:
    • Sell our house (I loved that house so much!)
    • Sell our business
    • Put adoption on hold
    • Move me to Las Vegas to be with my family while Chef Comte travels
    • Not get another job (me)
    • Finish degree (Chef Comte)
    • Write, work on becoming an author (me—it’s my biggest dream)
    • Do more yoga (me—I love it and am really excited to do more and look into becoming a yoga instructor)

Through all this, I decided to revamp my blog and write what I know and what interests me. So, here is the new Sara, a.k.a. S. Ann Comte (she’s a work in progress) and my new blog.

Check out the video for all the details, look around this cyberspace, enjoy some good reads, and share.

Thanks for visiting!

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