Suitcase Living and Microwave Cooking #HotelLiving

I’m no stranger to long-term hotel stays. When I first got married, I lived in a hotel for a month and a half while Chef Comte was in phase II of military training. That was six and a half years ago—before renting two homes in Washington and buying a town home and later a single-family home in Utah. Those were all pretty good size homes, and we upgraded as we went along. Now we are back to hotel living. Just for a bit. 🙂

Why? What happened?

Well, as you may remember, if you checked out that post, “New Sara, New Blog,” we recently had some life changes. Quick recap: I quit my job, we are preparing for Chef Comte to soon travel with the military, we sold our house, and we moved to Las Vegas with my family. The #hotelliving really comes from Chef Comte’s tie with the military. Before he leaves, he has to be on base, which is not in Las Vegas. And I really want to be with him before he leaves—’cuase he’s, like, my best friend and he’s, like, an amazing kisser and he, like, makes me happy—so here we both are, in this hotel, for a few weeks.

It’s not an extended-stay hotel room with a stove top in a small kitchen like I stayed in just after I got marred, but at least it has a microwave and mini-fridge.


And, yes, we do plan meals fit for this tiny cooking area.

We could eat out every night, I guess, but we both are tired of cheep restaurant food and want to try to eat healthy. So, we mix things up with rotisserie Chicken (courtesy of Winco), frozen vegetables (not frozen by the time we cook them—no freezer), sausage, minute rice that comes in a cup, sandwiches for lunch, and oatmeal for breakfast. It hasn’t been too bad, but I do miss a stove and oven. Pinterest and Facebook cooking/foodie videos do not help. 🙂

What do I do with my days while Chef Comte is at work? Write, practice yoga, and watch Great Interior Design Challenge on Netflix (I’m way too addicted, I think).

Where do I write?

I have a desk.

Hotel desk

Chef Comte is using it for homework in this photo.

I also go down to the lobby and hang out at the breakfast tables.

What else is cool about this place?

I have a comfortable bed.

Hotel bed

As you can see, naps are very welcome here.

Best part of #hotelliving—the adventure. Chef Comte and I have felt restricted as we tried to fit into a mold of what we thought we had to be. Now, we are welcoming the unknown and the fun of being displaced. Hopefully, we won’t get too tired of this too fast but will use it as inspiration for the future. (Fingers crossed.)

What’s your current big adventure?

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