Absolutely Random, Ep. 1

Remember last month when I decided to try something new with a video called, “What’s Up, Sara?” Yeah, I didn’t like it. So I’m trying something new again. I call it… 

That’s right, “Absolutely Random,” ’cause, I’m random. And the video is random. ‘Cause I don’t know what it will really be each month. It’s a random experiment. 🙂 

For my first episode, I went full on random and brought in my sisters for a raw conversation/interview. (Honestly, I asked them to be in the video maybe 10 minutes before we started filming, and you can tell by my tired eyes and crazy hair that I was not prepared for any of it.) I had no idea where the conversation would really go when I started recording. In fact, the deleted scene you will not see in this video is the three of us brainstorming what I want to call this video. Then the video starts and I just go from there. 

What I really like about this video is the rawness of it. I loved getting my sisters’ perspectives and learning from them.  

“Is this just another Typical Comte?” you ask. Haha, no, but good question. 10 points.

This video does not and will not be a conversation that revolves around a word. It is and will be a video that aligns well with my blog. It will be simple, honest, and empowered. It will be about furthering my dreams and reminding myself and hopefully all of you that I (and we) am (are) beautiful. I (we) am (are) strong. I (we) can be and do anything. It’s about life, family, my aspirations for becoming an amazing author and better yogi, empowerment, etc.

Oh, you want to get on with the video already? Oh, okay. Here it is. 🙂 Enjoy this first episode of Absolutely Random! (Note: The audio sucks, I know. I’m learning. I’ll get there. I hope.)

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