Typical Comte, Ep. 5: Clown

Who’s afraid of clowns? 



But Chef Comte and I did go to the Haunted Circus this last Halloween and it was… AWESOME!

I’m red and laughing so hard because that clown next to me jumped out from nowhere!

The Typical Comte featured here was filmed in July, so I’m getting caught up. AND, it’s not filmed in a car. 

Before you watch, have you ever thought about how many creepy clowns there are? I can’t think of a lot of happy, good clowns. Can you?

Also, tell me ninja clowns aren’t an awesome idea. Really. Think about it. Ninjas and clowns in one. Ninja clowns!

Welp, that’s all I got for an intro. Enjoy this episode of Typical Comte featuring clowns.

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