Who Am I to Write a Blog?

Really. I mean that title 98%.

Who am I to write a blog?

Who am I to try to be an author?

Who am I to put my thoughts out there, in the cyberverse, print, social media, etc.?

I struggle with these thoughts every… dang… day.

Why am I sharing this?

I don’t know. I had a thought about it and that thought led to more thoughts and those thoughts led me here. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to be more honest with myself and the world. Maybe it’s because by sending these thoughts out there, into the world, I will receive valediction for my current path. Maybe. Maybe. I don’t know.

What I do know…. Well, not a lot. I feel self conscious, doubtful, insecure, all those feels when I write and hit that publish button, making my writings and thoughts public to anyone. And then I post to social media and feel those feels all over again. And then I think maybe I should do more on social media and post more about this or that and promote myself more, and all the feels resurface.


I was always taught: Write what you know. Well, what do I know? I’m not a fitness guru. I’m not a mom, yet, but hope to be some day. I don’t cook a bunch of amazing recipes to share with the world. I’m not a scientist, a medical professional, mechanic, wood worker, designer, fastionista, or anything else that I imagine constitutes the right to run a blog.

I love writing. That’s what I am, a writer. I went to school in writing. I spent a few years writing in the corporate world then went on to paths that were more about planning and analytics. I guess I could write about my marketing and communications experience, but… no. I don’t want to. That’s not my passion.

What is my passion?

Well, lately, my passions are yoga, writing, husband, dog, finding confidence, writing science fiction/fantasy for young adults, compelling stories, motivation…

But I don’t want to dedicate an entire blog to just one of these.

Wow. This turned into a train wreck of a post. But these are my thoughts.

Do you have thoughts like these?

What am I really trying to get at?

I recently read/saw something on Instagram that made me think: Maybe I’m not so crazy in writing a blog, and a book, and putting myself out there more on social, and Instagramming and Facebooking more, and promoting myself, and all that jazz.

The post was in stories and from @SimplySadieJane, an amazing person to follow if you don’t already. I wish I could remember exactly what she said, but the gist of it was that we all have something to say and we shouldn’t be afraid to put ourselves out there.

So, that’s what I’m doing with this.

I am shy, insecure Sara who has always hidden from the world. Well, not anymore! Well, maybe a little. But I’m putting myself out there a little more because I do have a voice. I do have something to say. And maybe somedays my voice may seem insignificant to you or to me, but maybe some days my voice will inspire or comfort.

Wow! I feel better. It’s like putting these thoughts down physically gives me permission. Well, I asked for it so here it is. Sara, you have permission to blog, write, share more in the cyber social world. Go for it!

And maybe this post isn’t for me. Maybe it’s for you.

I always find inspiration and motivation in things that make me realize I am not alone. I’m not the only one out there with these thoughts, right? So you aren’t either. And you can do something too. Forget, who am I to _____? We can do this, right? YES!

Okay, I’m feeling more motivated and inspired. Thanks, random thoughts. And thanks to anyone listening/reading.

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Writer. What more can be said. Actually, a lot. So, just read and find out.

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