Is It Christmas, Really?

Chef Comte is not here. I’m living with my parents. Our usual Christmas traditions are nonexistent. Is it Christmas, really?

Last year, Chef Comte and I waited until last minute to buy gifts for each other, as usual. And as in years past, we took a ride to the mall the Saturday before Christmas, gave each other a spending limit, and went our separate ways, adventuring through stores, trying to find the perfect gifts for each other.

I got Chef Comte a beanie (one he asked for), a BB-8 robot (not the fancy-pants one, but one that he would still like), some socks (’cause fun socks are the bomb), and a fun little drone (that I found for an awesome price).

Chef Comte got me the traditional Christmas scarf, a beanie (yes, I got one too!), some jewelry… I can’t remember what else. But, why are women’s presents so much more expensive than men’s?

Christmas morning rolled around. We opened our family gifts (some new games for our Xbox, including Left for Dead 2; I love that game; #nerdalert), Obi’s gifts (a fun hedgehog toy with three hedgehogs and a plush box to continuously pull them out of), and each other’s gifts.

Obi happily playing with his fun new toy.

We had our traditional Christmas meals: Crepes for breakfast, cereal for snack, ham (I think) for dinner with family….

And we relaxed and just enjoyed being with each other.

I’m not sure why last Christmas is so vivid. We’ve had great Christmases before. But last Christmas seems like the best.

This Christmas, we are spending the holiday apart. Chef Comte is deployed and living the life of military awesomeness, and I’m in Nevada with my family. It’s good. But it’s not the best, not the same, not with the person I really want to be with.

We’ve done our best to celebrate together but a part. I sent Chef Comte a giant box of wrapped gifts, a stuffed stocking, a nice big box of cereal, homemade pumpkin rolls, and a gingerbread house kit.

Speaking of gingerbread house kit, I made one too! We had the same candies and tools. We could use any person we wanted for assistance. My sister helped me. Chef Comte decided to go it alone. And… cue introductory music… here are the results:

Chef Comte’s house


My house

Who did it better?

My Christmas Eve night and Chef Comte’s Christmas morning, we’ll open presents together and enjoy in that little shared experience. It’s not ideal, but we celebrate however we can.

It doesn’t feel like last year’s Christmas, but I’m grateful for the season. The greatest disservice I can give this season is to not remember that it’s all in honor of my Savior Jesus Christ. I am so thankful he came to earth. His birth is incredibly symbolic of his life, ministry, atonement, death, and resurrection. He is my light. What an amazing person to celebrate.

I hope you have a bright and happy Christmas and holiday season! Maybe your’s is not as ideal as you would like it either. But it’s amazing how each Christmas brings it’s own cherished memories.

And, may your 2019 be even brighter!

Enjoy this happy Obi Santa pic. 🙂

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