I Can Be and Do Anything

We tell kids they can be and do anything. They are the makers of their selves, their dreams, their futures. Do you remember hearing this when you were young? Teachers, parents, other adults tried to instill this concept in our minds. And I think we believed them. I did. But then… we grew up.

Somewhere along the way to adulthood, our belief in ourselves may have diminished. Some, the very lucky ones, continue to believe. And they continue to work toward their dreams. They utilize grit and strong will to become the person they dreamed they could become. And the rest of us watch in awe, sometimes jealousy–I’ll admit it–and delight. They did it. We should be happy for them.

But what about us? Where did our belief in ourselves go? Maybe it went to the unexpected life challenges, the curveballs, the trials that beat us down and created a new belief that we just need to get through this, through life. Maybe it went with the realization that we need money in this world to survive and sometimes our dreams don’t pay, at least not in the beginning, and we need those paper bills now. Maybe it left when the words and unkind remarks and the hurtful comments came from others and ourselves that said we aren’t good enough, we’re not perfect, we can’t do this.

I’m not sure. But it leaves some of us. And I think it hurts. It hurts not to believe. It hurts to not think I’m good enough. It hurts to keep myself from being the person I really want to become.

But, I can be and do anything.

This is part of the mantra I have been telling myself, teaching myself, enforcing in myself as I started on my new journey months ago. After leaving the corporate world to recover from the horrible anxiety I was going through and focus on building up my mental health, I came up with that special phrase that I tell myself during yoga, when I need a boost in confidence, when I set out to do something new.

I am beautiful. I am strong. I can be and do anything.

This mantra has helped me really work toward what I want to be and do. It’s given me encouragement when my confidence has been low. It’s given me strength when I have felt weak. It’s given me comfort during times I have thought I’m not enough. And as I’ve been on this journey, I’ve had many of those times.

I’ve had this belief–a subconscious belief, meaning even though I say I believe I can achieve my dreams and do what I want out loud, my core says something entirely different–that I can’t be anything different because this is what people already know. I’m an awkward, shy Sara, not a brave, fun, out-there Sara. People will scoff when they see me be anything different than what they know, right?

Haha. It’s funny how we twist our thoughts, blow them out of proportion, over analyze, over dramatize, all that stuff that ultimately hurts us.

As I’ve said, I’m reteaching my core to truly believe that I can be and do anything. Because, really, I can. There’s nothing stopping me but me. I’ll probably always be awkward–that’s just me and I’m owning it–but I don’t have to be the quiet, shy, not speaking up at all Sara. I don’t have to be perfect to be awesome. I can be the weird, crazy, ridiculous Sara that I want to be, the one who writes and loves it and wants to share that with others, the one who loves yoga, the one who wants to be adventurous and get to know others, make friends, make mistakes, make memories…

I’m sure you get it. Why? Because, you just get it. If you’re like me, you’ve tricked yourself into believing your child dreams, your new dreams, your hiding-in-the-back-of-the-closet dreams can’t come true. But… guess what? They can.

This post is not what I was thinking it was going to be. I feel it has somehow become a call to arms. But why not? I’m not in this alone.

Who’s with me?

Let’s be the persons we want to be. Let’s do the things we want to do. Let’s tell the world that, yes, we can believe, we can succeed, we can go after our dreams. Let’s go out there and do it, because we can be and do anything!

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