Typical Comte, Ep. 6: Elizabeth

I think this might be one of the most random words we’ve discovered among our jar of randomness yet. Who wrote it? Me? Chef Comte? We’re not even sure. But it makes for good conversation, creativity and randomness.

The word in this episode is:


It’s a name.

And I’m not super familiar with an Elizabeth in my life.

As in every episode of Typical Comte, we draw a word from our giant jar of words. Yes, we wrote them all but don’t remember half of what we put in there. We then try to have a conversation about the word. Some conversations are better than most. Some are completely random and unrelated to the word we drew. That’s the fun of it though, right?

Check out the video below to see where the conversation leads with the word Elizabeth.

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Writer. What more can be said. Actually, a lot. So, just read and find out.

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