Why Is Obi the Pup So Cute?

Am I a dog person. Uh, yeah!

Chef Comte and I have an almost three-year-old Chihuahua named Obi. And he’s the cutest, craziest, most playful, cuddliest little guy ever!

When Chef Comte and I first got married, I told him I wanted a dog–a Pomeranian at the time. I even bought a book on Pomeranians so I could be schooled in their ways when we finally got one. But, alas, it was not to be. We were living in an apartment at the time. I was unsure where my job was leading. Chef Comte was getting ready for culinary art school. There was a lot going on.

Fast forward to four years later. We were living in our own townhome. I was stressed about work. We were unsure where we stood with having a baby–we did our three rounds of unsuccessful IUI a couple years before and were still figuring out what our next steps would be.

I wanted a dog. “A dog will keep me sane,” I asserted.

Chef Comte was supportive. I’m not sure he really wanted a dog; he just wanted to make me happy. “Okay,” he agreed.

Next thing we knew, we were on sites, looking at puppy listings. “I like this one and this one and this one,” I exclaimed every three minutes. Chef Comte laughed. But every time I found a dog I wanted so much, it was gone 10 minutes before I could call on it. What?!

And all the puppies were so dang expensive. $1500? What?!

I don’t know why we decided the route we did. But somewhere in this crazy look for our perfect puppy, we decided to go to a pet store. Yes, I’ve heard the horrible stories about how some pet store puppies are bred. Luckily, we found a store that breeds through third parties, in homes, where the mommies and puppies are well taken care of and loved.

Now, before I go further with this story, you should know that I told Chef Comte, “I don’t want a boy pup and or a Chihuahua.” I was against those two for dumb reasons–something about being worried male dogs would never be fully potty-trained and pee everywhere and Chihuahuas being mean dogs–misconceptions. Really, I wanted some female small terrier breed. Small because we didn’t have a lot of yard for a big dog to run around. And I wanted to cuddle with something cute and adorable.

And then we walked into the store… and I saw the cutest dog ever! A male Chihuahua.


But I was instantly in love.

And he was so small. Have you ever seen a baby Chihuahua? He fit in Chef Comte’s palm–not mine because I have tiny hands. But, oh my fantastic beans! He was so small and cute and playful and fun.. and those eyes!

I was hooked. I wanted him. And Chef Comte let me get him.

We named him Obi, after Obi-Wan Kenobi, ’cause we’re nerds like that.

And Chef Comte was excited, although I doubt he’d admit it, to get Obi his first toys. We picked everything out–food, bed, giant dinosaur toy that was way too big for Obi, potty-training equipment. We were set. He hoped.

We took Obi home a month later because he wasn’t quite ready to leave his brother and the care of the pet store yet. When the day finally came, I could hardly contain myself. I was so excited to finally bring my baby puppy home! I went to the pet store right after work. Chef Comte met me there in a separate car because I couldn’t wait for us to both get home, decide on which car to take, head back the way he came… Too much time!

The car ride home was horrible. I took Obi in my car and placed him in his crate in the passenger seat so I could keep an eye on him. Obi, even though he had seen me many times throughout the month, was scared to death to be taken from his brother and put in a crate and carried off to who-knows-where. As we traveled on the freeway during rush hour, poor Obi shook and whined and cried. And he pooped. And stepped in it.

Poor pup!

When we finally got him home, I quickly washed him and we let him be crazy and sniff around and figure out what this new place was all about. His first course of action: lick Chef Comte’s face off. It’s truly his favorite past time.

Obi has been a special pup in our lives since we got him, and anywhere we take him he gets a ton of attention–mostly because he’s so small. Have we seen tears because of his smallness? Yes!

He’s also my cutest and cuddliest companion during the day now that I work at home. Some days, as I write, he sits in the cushion of my lap, just cuddling and watching and waiting for me to be ready to play–cause you can’t let those cuddles fool you; this put has a lot of energy and all he really wants to do is play.

Seriously, if he can get you on the floor, you’re his. It doesn’t matter if he was not your intention for moving to that position. You’re his. If you touch a toy or accidentally step on one, you’re his. And the way he runs around the table to burn off energy… Ahhhh! I can’t get enough of his cuteness!

That’s Obi the pup, the cutest, best dog ever and a truly wonderful part of our family.

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